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Guess who forgot ALA was going on -____-

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To add to our posts about libraries, other book-related matters, and wine-related repurposing, there’s this:

An obsolete card catalog repurposed as a minibar.

Need we say more?!

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Do we have any of these? 

I just want a card catalog in my home.

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The latest report in Library Journal’s Patron Profiles series is out: Mobile Devices, Mobile Content and Library Apps

A great summary is up at The Digital Shift.


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part of a collection of 97 letters from famous people (authors, illustrators, etc.) to the children of a new library in the 1970s [via]

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Do this in my library, and you die.

I can’t tell you how much pictures like this make me seethe. All those books answer to gravity. All those crinkled pages. I also firmly dislike the habit of folding down a corner. Why would you do that? What did that book ever do to you that you feel the compulsion to mar a part of it like that??

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Today is going to be a mulling things over day.

Come sit inside my head and look at my thought process.

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I follow someone who attends Emerson College

and I’ve been trying to think for a while now why that name is so familiar to me. I finally succumbed to Google and oh, of course. When I was still planning on a career in publishing, I researched MA programs. My three schools were NYU, George Washington University, and Emerson. I’m still very intrigued by that world, but I think I’m headed towards book conservatorship. And yes, damn you Chrome, that is a word.

University of Texas’ Kilgarlin Center is now defunct, so I’ll have to start nosing around for other conservation/preservation programs.

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Guys, guys!

Christina challenged me to find information on a Master’s of Music Performance from NYU because it was so difficult for her to find. I, of course, accepted and believe I have found the information in question in ten minutes flat. Nothing new, I’m like an information bloodhound who also happens to be fabulous.

BUT. I did turn up something new. NYU offers a dual-degree Master of Science in Library and Information Science in conjunction with Long Island University’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science. Which means I could have a specialist foundation. In New York! I could intern at MoMAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I’m going to print this out, tack it on my wall, and work my ass off towards it.

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